It’s an End of an Era!

For Big Brother US fans, that is.

I’m an avid Big Brother fan and season 16 is drawing to a close. It’s the last night at the BB House and tomorrow we will know who will be the grand winner. I’ve been following a group of 16 strangers this past summer and shamefully have been watching the live feeds too. I can’t really call myself a super fan, but I am intrigued at this “social experiment” since I was 16 (Season 6).

Derrick, Cody, and Van-Van…er, Victoria is left and looks like the final two will be Derrick and Cody. I’m rooting for Derrick because he has played a great game comparable to Dan Gheesling.

I can’t wait to the see the Jury discussion tomorrow and hope Donny wins America’s Favorite Player. Dude deserves it.