A Gratifying Feeling

I started a new hobby this year as I don’t really have one to rave about. It’s gardening! I’m such a grandma, so says my brother, but it’s what I’ve come to enjoy doing during my spare time.

I didn’t really research how to garden properly and so far I have been planting heirloom carrots, Menorca spinach, Korean cucumbers, Korean green peppers, and Korean perilla leaves.

There is a gratifying feeling when a fruit and vegetable starts to sprout to its full growth. I’m amazed how life starts with just one tiny, itsy bitsy seed.

Here’s a picture of my new cucumber starting to grow. I already have a full length cucumber (below), but this little guy didn’t get pollinated at the same time.



Funny thing…I hate cucumbers but this will make some great Korean banchan (반찬, side dish) for my parents.