I’m watching my favorite Korean variety show, Running Man, and the episode’s theme is the 80’s/90’s music era of Korea. I was thinking just now how just 15 years ago we had stores that sold cassette tapes and CD’s where we were able to listen to the songs before we bought them. I can recall KMart having those big, black headphones that were attached to the CD rack. I would always get my favorite artist like Britney Spears, scan it on the machine, and listen to the songs. Just around the corner of the CD’s, I remember KMart had a boatload of cassette tapes. It’s interesting how times have changed. Our society now relies on the internet and digital formats of songs. I still have my stereo my parents got me and it has a cassette tape on it. ..Just thought whether I should collect cassette tapes just to have them for nostalgia. Hmm..