Selfish or Unaware?

It’s been a full year since I started working as an in-house designer with my employer. A full year means I am now able to receive a week of full paid vacation. I love traveling, though I don’t really travel internationally, but road trips are my favorite. I’ve been meaning to go somewhere tropical or revisiting my family in Korea, but travel means money. I’ve saved up money and my family was discussing potentially going to Korea/Japan for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday in Korea, it was Chinese New Year and my dad called his sister to say hello. They hinted that they want to see him and said that he may want to visit in May. Now, I never get my hopes up for anything anymore because they eventually never come about. So, I jokingly said, “I want to go to!” Then my dad, the party pooper that he is said, “No, you work!” Are…you…serious?

Then today, my mom brought it up again during dinner that if we wanted to go to Korea we have to buy tickets as soon as possible. As she was explaining ticket prices, she brought up my name and how we would have to spend our savings to buy tickets. Then my dad goes, “Her?” (pointing to me) “Why is she going? She works.” Really, now…?

I left the dinner table without saying anything because I don’t get involved with rough conversations when my dad and mom go at it without reasonable thinking. My dad can be a tough cookie when it involves traveling as whole family. Not to my recollection do I remember going anywhere internationally with him…ever. He goes to Korea alone, all the time and never has once asked my mom, me or my brother to go with him.

It wasn’t until my mom brought it up, she told my dad, “Don’t you think you went a little overboard when you asked why your daughter wants to go to Korea?…She might feel disappointed.” I wasn’t, until my mom mentioned it.